Bio - is that really my name?

Hi. I'm Winter. Yes, that's my real name. Well, actually, it's my middle name - I'm named after my grandpa, world-renowned doctor, singer, and bonafide enchanting southern charmer, Henry Winter Griffith. He went by Winter and so do I. 

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Tucson. My dad's a rocket scientist/fantasy novelist/award winning mineral photographer, my sister's an almost completely blind biologist, and my mom will kick anybody's ass. 


Made for a fun childhood. 


I loved music and acting my whole life, but after being completely awe-struck and having my soul lit up from seeing the musical Spring Awakening, I attended Elon University's prestigious BFA Music Theatre program. Despite having almost no formal training at the time I auditioned, they were nice enough to accept me with a talent scholarship - one of five out of 1,200 auditonees for the program. 

I loved it. I worked my ass off. I traveled the world, studying everywhere I could - New York, Italy, London. I learned about art and I learned about life. I grew immensely. 


While in school, I realized my true loves were screen acting and music, so shortly after graduating I moved to Los Angeles. Since then, I've starred in a variety of indie features, award-winning theatre, and even got to write the title track to a film I did. It's been a killer ride so far.

Besides that... I f*cking love pasta. And basketball. 


So, there you go. Some fun facts for you. Named Winter, Hawaii-born, blind sister, loves pasta.


Oh, and I have a black belt in taekwondo and went undefeated in the state wrestling tournament in 8th grade. 

I did not wrestle in the state wrestling tournament.


But no one beat me. 

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