Winter Andrews

Actor. Singer. Songwriter. Seasonal Weather Pattern.

Hi. I'm Winter. Yes, that's my real name. Well, actually, it's my middle name - I'm named after my grandpa, world-renowned doctor, singer, and bonafide enchanting southern charmer, Henry Winter Griffith. He went by Winter and so do I. 

I was born in Hawaii and raised in Tucson. My dad's a rocket scientist/CEO/fantasy novelist/award winning mineral photographer, my sister's an almost completely blind biologist, and my mom's a powerhouse who will kick absolutely anybody's ass. 


Made for a fun childhood. 


I loved music and acting my whole life, but after being completely awe-struck and having my soul lit up from seeing the musical Spring Awakening, I attended Elon University's prestigious BFA Music Theatre program. Despite having almost no formal training at the time I auditioned, they were nice enough to accept me with a talent scholarship - one of five out of 1,200 auditonees for the program. 

I loved it. I worked my ass off. I traveled the world, studying everywhere I could - New York, Italy, London. I learned about art and I learned about life. I grew immensely. 


While in school, I realized my true loves were screen acting and music, so shortly after graduating I moved to Los Angeles. It's been an awesomely thrilling ride.

Besides that... I f*cking love pasta. And basketball. 


So, there you go. Some fun facts for you. Named Winter, Hawaii-born, blind sister, loves pasta.


Oh, and I have a black belt in taekwondo and went undefeated in the state wrestling tournament in 8th grade. 

I did not wrestle in the state wrestling tournament.


But no one beat me. 

Bio - is that really my name?
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You'll have to wait to hear my original music, but here are some lovely home recordings of a few covers with just me and my guitar.


I'd written and performed poetry for years. I've sang my heart out since I was a child. I listened keenly to music with an interest and ear well beyond my years... then someone put a guitar in my hand.

I'm currently working with Grammy winning producer/engineer Austen Jux Chandler (Adele's 25, Gaga, Ed, A$AP, and many more) on my first original release- "15 Years," a song inspired by the story of Cyntoia Brown. I'm also working with my friends over at DanceOn (the premier youtube dance channel) and their world-class dancers to bring a powerful vision of the song to life. 

My biggest influences include Matt Corby, Hozier, Adele, James Bay - tremendously expressive, raw, emotional singer/songwriters. But I also grew up loving Green Day, Josh Groban, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, and lots of other alternative and punk rock. Later in life I found inspiration from people like Nina Simone, Sam Cooke, the Allman Brothers, Ray LaMontagne, and Ella. 

My own musical journey is just beginning. I'm excited to take you with me...


Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
Cherry Wine - Hozier
Lost - Dermot Kennedy.mp3
Reel - Acting & Music

What others have to say...

"Effortlessly charming... raw, and honest" - BroadwayWorld

"Pensive, radical, and headstrong... his fresh pop voice effortlessly carries several of the main numbers." - TheShowReport

"Winter's open-faced boy-next-door heartthrob of a Melchior not only sings splendidly, but shows off legit acting chops in powerful eleventh hour scenes." - StageScene LA

-2018 "Best Leading Actor" Nominee, Los Angeles' Robby Awards - Melchior, Spring Awakening (One of five nominees out of over 130 professional Los Angeles productions, including Broadway-bound shows, national tours, and AEA powerhouses

-2018 Winner, "Best Musical," - Los Angeles' Robby Awards, Spring Awakening, co-producer (See above. All ticket proceeds benefitted Everytown for Gun Safety.

-2018/2019 "Breakout Performance" Winner - Stage Scene LA - Melchior, Spring Awakening

-2018 #1 Overall Winner - 10th annual CBSI "1 minute monologue competition" 


First I fell in love with the stage and its immediacy. Then I fell in love with the intimacy and intensity of the camera. Now I work in Film and Television, but with the experience of someone who spent years honing their craft onstage - where Connection and Truth are all that matter, and there are no extra takes.

I've starred in Films and theatre. I've produced critically acclaimed productions, and raised money for charities I care about while doing so. I've won some cool awards. Every director I've worked with has tried to hire me back. 

Ultimately, whatever I'm doing, I care about Truth. Authenticity. Connection. Going where human beings are scared to go, but where our hearts open up and sing. And I like telling a damn good story while I do it.

(Oh, and, I like being a good person onset. And in life. Because, seriously, nobody got time for that.) 



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